We admit it – we’re amateur people.

Amateur Person Apparel is a clothing and accessories shop that grew out of iron-on letters and a tribute to Mindy Kaling. Cute, witty, and a little awkward, we create badge of honor shirts for Amateur People everywhere– because we believe you shouldn’t take life too seriously.

Made with love and sarcasm in NYC.

Jordan Catalana
Co-Founder, COO

Business mastermind and makeshift lawyer/banker/bullshitter at Amateur Person, Jordan is the brainz behind our operations. Her secret to being an amateur person every day: consistently watching at least twice as many hours of TV as she gets sleep per night. Her fave things: personalized stationery, vodka tonics and un-ironic 90s pop music.

Kathryn Freund
Co-Founder, CCO

Creative genius and professional Photoshop tinkerer at Amateur Person, Kathryn is the crafter of our prints. Her secret to being an amateur person every day: wearing one Easter-egg joke accessory while romping around in a professional world. Her inspiration: Gwen Stefani, cold brew coffee and all of the weird the internet has to offer.